Tournament Rules

Turkey River Classic Tournament Rules

Ladies tee off at the red tees both rounds

Men 70 and older tee off on the yellow tees both rounds

Men under 70 tee off on white tees both rounds

There are circles around each flag.  If you are putting from inside the circle, and all four teammates have putted but no one is in the hole, pick up the ball, COUNT A STROKE and move to the next tee.  This is to help speed up play.

Out of bounds are marked with white stakes. 

Keep up with the group ahead of you.

Hole Contests (Everyone is Eligible)

Hole #1:  Longest Putt

Hole #2:  Longest Drive for Men (In the Fairway)

Hole #3:  Hole-in-One

Hole #4:  Closest to pin on 2nd or 3rd Approach Shot

Hole #5:  Hole-in-One

Hole #6:  Shortest Drive but team must hit second shot from there

Hole #7:  Longest Putt

Hole #8:  Longest Drive for women (In the Fairway)

Hole #9:  Closest to Pin on 2nd Shot

One surprise prize at the end of the round!!