How to Become a Mentor or Mentee

Mentor Screening Policy

The screening process consists of a thorough background check, interview and training that will help protect the children we work with as well as ensure the integrity of the North Fayette Valley Mentoring Program. When our volunteers and mentors come into direct contact with youth (or other adults involved in the coalition) and cause harm to them, NFV Mentoring can be liable if that volunteer has a criminal record. A background check can also provide insight into an individual’s behavior, character, and integrity.

Volunteer and Mentor Eligibility Minimum Requirements:

  1.         Willing to adhere to all North Fayette Valley Mentoring Program policies and procedures
  2.         Complete screening procedures
  3.         Agree to attend any required trainings
  4.         Have never been accused, arrested, charged, or convicted of child abuse, molestation, or a violent crime including but not limited to domestic                  violence, sexual assault, or physical assault.
  5.         Not be a convicted felon. If the applicant has been convicted of a felony then they may be considered only after a period of seven years with                      demonstrated good behavior and an appropriate and corrective attitude regarding past behaviors.
  6.         Not be a user of illicit drugs
  7.         Have access to an automobile or reliable transportation
  8.         Have a current driver’s license, auto insurance, and good driving record

Volunteer and Mentor Screening:

It is the policy of the North Fayette Valley Mentoring Program that each volunteer applicant completes a screening procedure. All staff members must be trained and required to carefully follow the screening procedures.

At minimum, the following screening procedures are required for volunteer and mentor applicants. Program staff must ensure that each applicant completes these established minimum screening procedures:

Mentor Screening Procedures:

  1.         Complete written application
  2.         Complete background checks annually (child abuse registry, national sexual offender registry, Iowa driving record, state criminal history)
  3.         Provide four personal references
  4.         Complete personal interview
  5.         Complete the Body Safety Risk Management training
  6.         Attend the two-hour mentor training

Please note that all applicants will have a waiting period of approximately one month before they will be eligible to volunteer or mentor with the North Fayette Valley Mentoring Program. This time allows for the processing of checks and attendance at required trainings.

The decision to accept an applicant into the program will be based upon a final assessment done by program staff at the completion of the mentor or volunteer screening procedure. The program coordinator has final approval for an applicant’s acceptance into the program. No reason will be provided to applicants rejected from participation in the program.

All volunteers and mentors are expected to meet the eligibility criteria. However, extenuating circumstances may be reviewed at the discretion of the program coordinator and acceptance may then be allowed with approval of the North Fayette Valley Mentoring Advisory Committee when all eligibility requirements are not clearly met. These instances are expected to be rare.

Documentation of the screening process must be maintained for each applicant and placed in confidential files.

How to become a mentee

If you know of a youth in Kindergarten through 12th grade at North Fayette Valley that would benefit from having a mentor, contact Jen Stolka, Mentoring Coordinator at or (563) 380-9216 to request an application. You will need to complete the youth and family applications so we can learn more about them and to find the perfect mentor!

Once we have the applciations back, our Mentoring Coordinator will meet with the youth and parent(s). At that time, we will work to find a suitable mentor. If we have a person that is a good match, we will ask for permission before the final match is made.

Then the mentor and mentee will meet and the NFV Mentoring Program will continue to support through trainings, group events, and monthly check ins.