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'To promote and support the health and well-being of youth in the North Fayette Valley community'


"To reduce substance use among youth and over time adults, by addressing the factors that serve to increase the perception of harm and the protective factors that serve to minimize the risk of use"

Update from the NFVCC Executive Board:

The NFVCC Executive Board has passed a motion to CLOSE THE NFVCC CAN KENNELS IN ELGIN AND CLERMONT AS OF 6PM ON THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th, 2021. Finding centers willing to accept these cans and bottles has become impossible. The Kennels will be removed and signs placed notifying people that the NFVCC is no longer receiving cans or bottles at these sites. If you use these Kennels, you will need to find alternate ways to discard or donate your redeemable cans and bottles.

The NFVCC Can Kennel Fund Raising Project has been very successful and very important to the financial sustainability of the North Fayette Valley Community Coalition. For many years community members and business owners have donated cans and bottles to the NFVCC at the Can Kennels in Clermont and Elgin. These donations have supported KIDS in many ways. Thank you to the community for your support for KIDS!

And thanks to the many volunteers who have helped through the years, especially Randy Wiedenhoff who has led this project from the very beginning.

The NFVCC Executive Board recognizes that finding redemption centers that are willing and capable of receiving the number of containers the kennels produce has become a major problem. Sorting, bagging, cleaning out the garbage that is left, and transporting the cans to a center is becoming a very difficult, if not impossible, problem. And, it is increasingly difficult to find volunteers willing to take on these tasks. It is no longer possible to overcome these realities.

The NFVCC EB wants to thank the Mayors, Council Members, Clerks and City Workers of Elgin and Clermont for being such great partners in this fundraising effort. Obviously it could not have been successful without these fine people understanding the critical need to support KIDS. Your donation of allowing these Kennels to be located on City property and keeping the sites free of ice and snow and cleaning up the refuse that often shows up at the site – all of this has given the KIDS amazing support! In this case, it really has “taken a village” and thank you for being those “villages”.

And one extremely important request to the public: Please do not use the kennel areas as a dump site. The Cities of Elgin and Clermont have been very cooperative in allowing these kennels to be placed on city property for these many years. In respect of that gift, we ask that you not leave a problem for the cities. And, if you see someone leaving items that should not be discarded on these sites, please let the City know – we will assist with asking these people for cooperation.

Watch for the NEW NFVCC FUNDRAISING PROJECTS that will replace the can kennel income. We hope you will support these new initiatives to support KIDS!

We encourage everyone to support our local businesses as they are our biggest supporters! In the event you will need to make a purchase from Amazon, please select the North Fayette Valley Community Coalition to receive 0.5% of your eligible purchases. To learn more: http://smile.amazon.com/gp/aw/ch/about

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